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First – a short video about “Bitcoins”.  Bitcoins (BTC) are the worlds digital currency.  1 BTC = $700 to $1700+  (changes by the minute)

Experts predict that Bitcoins will be worth MORE than $3000 by the end of the year!  And more than $10,000 in 5 years!

Watch the short videos below.  Both Videos are VERY IMPORTANT!

Bitcoin Video Here…

If it does not take you to the video, here is a link you can copy and paste:  https://youtu.be/540Mc5yPQCY

Next – a short video of a POWERFUL Bitcoin business!

(LOOK…but DON’T join just yet!)

Bitcoin Business Here…

Once again, if it does not open…here is a link:  https://youtu.be/aF8Ey5Yvzp0

Think about it.  For a 1 time, out of pocket cost (if you share with only 2 people) …you can start receiving Bitcoins.  In a few short months, you could be receiving up to 84 Bitcoins each and every month!

Veteran Marketers are saying that this is the BIGGEST thing they have seen in more than 40 years of marketing!  This is one you do NOT want to miss!

Stop!  Do NOT join just yet…

Before you get started…it is best to have a gmail account.  If you do not have a gmail account, we strongly suggest you open one.  It is free and works the best for this business.

Note:  No, it is not mandatory.  However, you will constantly be logging in and having to verify accounts.  The job will be faster and easier with a gmail account.

2 Things to do BEFORE you join…it is NOT difficult!  But…if it were TOO easy…EVERYONE would already be wealthy!!!  Follow Directions!

We have Videos to “Walk You Through” the necessary steps!

Step 1.

Since we are dealing with Bitcoins only, you will need to go to Coinbase.com and open a free account.  You need this to purchase your Bitcoins in order to get started with the opportunity.  Do not skip this “Step”.

To watch a video “How to Open a Free Coinbase Account …Click Here…

Take your time and go slowly.  Some people have problems with this step because they get in too big of a hurry.

Once you have your free account set up, you will click on the “Buy/Sell” button and add a form of payment.

If you use a Debit/Credit Card, the system will make 2 small charges to your Bank Account.  Don’t worry, they will be less than $2 each.

When these transactions appear, you will enter them in order to verify your account.  Once you are verified, you can purchase $100 worth of Bitcoins weekly…or whenever you want.

If you want to verify your I.D. by uploading your driver’s license, you can purchase up to $300 weekly.  This is optional of course.

Should you want to buy even more, you can enter your Bank Account.  This will allow you to buy up to $5000 worth.  However, it will take up to 4 business days for each transaction to go through.

If you use a Debit Card, the transaction happens instantly!

You need to purchase at least $90 (at the current price) worth of Bitcoins as there is a small transaction fee charged.

Now that you have your Bitcoins, it’s time to move on to…

Note:  Some people can skip this step if their Sponsor is willing to fund their “Wallet” for them.  Learn about that in the next step.

Step 2.  (If you have a Coinbase Account set up and funded…you can SKIP this step!)

Now, you can go to Blockchain.info and open up a free Bitcoin Wallet!  You will use this to Send and Receive Bitcoins.  This step is NOT MANDATORY!!!

Many people like to have a Blockchain Wallet Account as it is free and can be used in other Bitcoin Opportunities that you may wish to join.  It is also a very secure wallet to store larger quantities of Bitcoins.  It is good to have a free account just in case you need it later on.

Note:  The Blockchain Website has changed a little since the video was made.  However, it is basically still the same.  The Video should be easy for you to follow.

Watch a video How to Create a Free Bitcoin Wallet in Blockchain…Click Here…

When you get to Blockchain.com, click on the link that says “Wallet”.  Then, you will simply follow the on-screen instructions.

Once you have your “Blockchain ID”, it will become your “Username”.  NEVER try to type in the entire link.  You will surely make a mistake.

Anytime you want to login to your Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet, ALWAYS open your “Welcome” email and click on the link.  Then, you will never have a problem logging in with the correct ID.

Now, you can fund your Blockchain Wallet when you are ready.  Once again, it is NOT NECESSARY to fund this free account in order to join Fund My Cause.

Video showing How to Fund your Bitcoin Wallet in Blockchain.  Click Here!

Here is the link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6JQ1dIxLYw

Note:  If your Sponsor is funding your account, you will send them your “Receive” Code and they will send you the funds to get started.

Important Things to Know…

Once you have your Blockchain Wallet set up log into your email account in a separate “Tab”.  To open a new tab on your computer, simply hit “Control T” and a new tab will open.

Now, practice clicking from email to Blockchain several times.  When you get good at this, contact the person who sent you here.  They will give you a link to “Join”!

If you know how to open multiple “Tabs” on your computer and you know how to “Copy and Paste”, then you will have no trouble working this business!

Important Steps to Follow…

At this point, you should be getting ready to sign up with “Fund My Cause”.

Here are a few Steps you should follow…

Step 1.  (Be SURE to have a good username)

Your “Username”.  Use your First Name and your Last initial.  For instance, if your name is “John Doe”, your Username would be “JohnD”.  Notice that the first letter of your first name is upper case and your last name initial is also uppercase.  This makes it easier for us to look at our Matrix and know who you are when placing people under you.  If JohnD is taken, go for JohnDoe.  If that is taken, use a middle initial:  JohnCDoe….you can get creative if you want.  But, do it with your name so it is easier for us to find you when scanning the Matrix.  We are placing a LOT of people in the Matrix!

Now you are ready to join!  You can open the Video below in a new tab and then go to the link of the Flyer or Postcard or email you received and then click on “Join” or “Get Started” and follow the Instructions.

This is what their “Join Link” will look like:

http://FundMyCause.net/{their user name here}

How to Join Fund My Cause – 3 Important Steps!

Watch video “How to Join Fund My Cause”….Video 1…Click Here!

Video 2.…Click Here!

Video 3…Click Here!

WARNING!!!!  Do NOT give people your “Join Link”…

…until you are SURE you are “Confirmed”.  It usually only takes 15 to 20 minutes to be confirmed…however it can sometimes take up to 24 hours or longer!  If someone signs up under you BEFORE you are confirmed…you will MISS your donations!

How to know when you are confirmed?  If you followed the directions in ALL 3 Videos…you are confirmed!  Log in to your site.  Scroll to the bottom of the page.  If your “Admin Fee” and your “Stage 1” is in Green and the counter is counting…you are confirmed.  If not, it will say “Pending”.  WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE CONFIRMED BEFORE GIVING PEOPLE YOUR LINK.  OTHERWISE YOU WILL MISS OUT ON DONATIONS!!!

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